From RWA Nationals and Writers Weekend 2004:

Julianne and the gang at WW 2004. Photo courtesy of Megan Hart. Julianne and her critique partners after the 2004 GH Ceremony at RWA Nationals. 

From ConCarolinas:

L to R--Moderator Cindy Hutchins, Tee Morris (peering over my shoulder), Me, Tor Author Walt Hunt (no he isn't sleeping!), and Davey Beauchamp. Authors Tony Ruggiero, Me and Tee Morris in the Dealers Room at Concarolinas. One of the panels--Networking I think--with author Scott Nicholson, Tee Morris,Nth Degree editor Mike Pederson, and me.
Group in Bar at ConCarolinas

Group at ConCarolinas

Panel at ConCarolinas

These photos are courtesy of authors Tee Morris and Walter Hunt.  Thanks for sharing guys!!  Visit them at and



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Copyright 2004 Julianne Goodman. All rights reserved. Some of the artwork is taken from the 1877 painting "Cadmus and Harmonia" by Evelyn De Morgan.