October--Here's those four pages of my essay from The Fantasy Writer's Companion I promised.  They're in PDF format which should open in your web browser.

September--Yay!  This month features the release of The Fantasy Writer’s Companion.  You can preorder this fantastic compilation at Dragon Moon Press or email me for details on getting a copy with my chapter signed.  And even better, you can also order an ONLINE version of this great resource!  See the site for details at www.dragonmoonpress.com and click on the upcoming releases.  I plan to upload the first four pages for preview on the site next month.

I was able to attend Foolscap in Seattle this month, where I had the chance to chat with famed fantasy author George RR Martin.  Okay, so it was more like we had lunch with some mutual friends and then we kidnapped him later for a private party, but he was a great sport.  Great discussion about HG Wells being the father of science fiction—of course I had to include the designation of sf-romance into that!  He humored me.  Speaking of romance and George, I tried to add a great “smooch” shot with the two of us on the Photos page but it turned out too fuzzy.  And not because of George's beard!  Also new is a pic from Writers Weekend (http://www.writersweekend.com) courtesy of author Megan Hart.  If you are looking for an incredible conference for authors, you must check WW out.  The new site has launched and is available for registrations.  Hope to see you there!

August--Conferences were amazing!   Greetings to all of you met on the con circuit.  I made some wonderful friends along the way and met some great authors.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out the amazing Jacqueline Carey, please visit www.jacquelinecarey.com.  I’m exhausted but elated.  I think I'll go to more conferences.... (check my Appearances for my quest to attend one genre fiction conference in every state!)

July--Spent the whole month biting my nails about the Golden Hearts and going to conferences.  As a result, I had the shortest nails of any of the 2004 Golden Heart nominees!  Maybe. 

June 2004--I had a great time as a guest speaker at ConCarolinas.  Check out the photos on the Photos page.  I’ve added some other cons to my calendar, so check out my “Appearances” to see where I might be popping up next!

Lots of good things happening.  I’ve been asked to contribute to a writer’s guide.  See my “Books” page for THE FANTASY WRITER’S COMPANION to be released in September of 2004.  It’s a must-have for anyone considering writing fantasy fiction. You can find a link to preordering on my site.  My in depth article on Self Editing was accepted for the final chapter of the volume, and I’m in the process of finishing final revisions on my GH finalist ms, HETAERA, before returning to WINTERGLAS.  Come back next month when I post photos from Writer’s Weekend.

May 2004--Wow!  Remind me not to move again!  The past month has been very busy, but mostly in relocating my worldly possessions.  I also signed with a different agent, Mary Lou Schwartz of The Belfrey Agency, and completed a short story about an associate humanities professor who finds love in an unexpected place.

April 2004--I'm so excited! I just received a call from RWA stating that my historical fantasy manuscript, HETAERA, is a 2004 Golden Heart finalist in the Best Novel with Romantic Elements category! This is a major competition for women's fiction. The winner will be announced at the National conference in July. In personal news, I will be moving cross country at the end of April. Much change in store for me. Check back with me next month when I will wax poetic about the joys of moving and being a full time writer.

March 2004--This month's update is this website, of course. After landing a fantastic agent last summer, Roberta Brown of the Brown Literary Agency, and completing my latest historical fantasy, I decided to venture into the vast unknown of the internet. Pull up a chair and surf a while.

I’ve also committed the first chapters of WINTERGLAS, a Scandinavian folktale to paper. We’re in the process of moving cross country (again!) so things have been a bit hectic. The good news is with the move, I’ll be writing full time. That’s something most of us dream about. Big hugs to my partner for making that possible.

Julianne will be at PhilCon in Philadelphia, PA, December 10-12, 2004.

Julianne will be at Arisia in Bostonm, MA, January 21-23, 2005.

Julianne will be at the ShevaCon in Roanoke, VA, February 25-27, 2005.

Julianne will be at the Writer's Weekend Conference in Seattle, WA, June 9-12, 2005.


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