THE FANTASY WRITER'S COMPANION How-to Reference by Dragon Moon Press.  

Dragon Moon Press follows its highly successful title, THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO WRITING FANTASY, with a second volume of advice, examples, and resources dedicated to helping you create your own epic fantasy adventure.  THE FANTASY WRITER'S COMPANION, which has recently been finaled in the 2005 EPPIE Awards, takes on more advanced topics such as incorporating mystery, developing a story in your favorite RPG universe, and exploring alternative cultures for your worldbuilding.  Check out Julianne’s chapter about self-editing for fiction authors at the end!

Chapter Line-up:

1. Getting Your Act Together: Structuring, Outlining, and Storyboarding a Project (or Overall Consistency on Characters, Plots and Projects) – Lee Masterson
2. It's Like a Novel, Only Shorter: Writing Novellas and Story Stories – Bob Nailor
3. Revoking Your Creative License: Mythbusting – Tina Morgan
4. Culture Shock: Oriental Cultures in Worldbuilding – Lai Zhao
5. The Art of Never Growing Up: Writing Fantasy for Children – Michael R. Mennenga
6. Do You Like White or Dark Fantasy: Incorporating Horror – Tony Ruggiero
7. Crossing Over with Wen Spencer: Incorporating Mystery – Wen Spencer
8. It's Just Sex, For Crying Out Loud: Romance/Sex in Fantasy – Jeanine Berry
9. Vampires, Trolls, and Werewolves Need Not Apply: Alternative Beasts – Michele Acker
10. Princes, Politicians, and The People's Voice: Government Structure – Erik Amundsen
11. Thinking Outside the Crystal Ball: Alternative Religions and Magic Systems – Valerie Griswold-Ford
12. Fun with Foliage, Flowers, and Philodendrons: Herbalism in Fantasy – Evo Terra
13. Getting in Touch with Your Inner Fan: Writing in a Pre-Built Worlds – Will McDermott
14. Beyond Swords, Stones, and Grails: Writing in Arthurian Legends – Kim Headlee
15. Facing Your Harshest Critic: Self-Editing for Fiction Authors – Julianne Goodman

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You can also view a sample of the first couple pages of Julianne's article via this PDF.

WINTERGLAS:  A Scandinavian folk tale, Julianne-style.  

Annika, third daughter of the Isenkreüg, yearns for a gentler world far from the harsh frozen tundra of the Nachtlund. When the Queen of the forbidden Alfar offers her son in marriage, Annika must choose to stay in the security of her father's fortress or follow her heart East of the Sun, West of the Moon.

HETAERA:  She was the original Cinderella....

Orphaned by thirteen and trained in the Thracian temple of Bacchus, young Doricha loses her most valuable possession because of the actions of a jealous priestess--her freedom. She is sold as a slave to the household of Iadmon and mentored by Aesop the Fabulist who schools her to use her awakening mind as well as her beauty to achieve her destiny. Doricha begins to hope that one day, she can be truly free, but not even Aesop can protect her from the lusts of men.

The harsh world of classical Greece has little use for the minds of women, and after a series of brutal attacks, again Doricha finds her body traded to another owner, another man, who transports her to a new life of luxury and political intrigue in the faraway deserts of Egypt. All she has to do is be beautiful, all she has to do is love him, and she will be kept safe.

The problem is, Dori doesn't want to be kept--by any man. Not even the god-king Amasis, Pharaoh of Egypt.

From the ancient temple of the Bacchae to the exotic lands of Egypt where political intrigue coils like a nest of asps, Doricha learns that fulfilling her father's dying wish that she live free is not about bands around her wrists so much as it is bands around her heart.

Based on persons and historical events of 26th dynasty Egypt, HETAERA fictionalizes the life of a most extraordinary woman who changed the world.

POWER AND PROMISE:  Can two hearts overcome decades of lies and hatred to forge a love that will save the world?

Former Captain of the Guard turned mercenary Jenner Al’Thorn has sworn to avenge his father’s death and win back the most desirable woman in the Midlands--Kristiane Danai. He’ll do anything to thwart the man that seduced her, even if that man is Nestor sin’Mordrach, the High Ruler of the Midlands…and even if it means helping a treacherous, fairy-born Seeker.

It’s been over twenty years since Ayrindale of Clan Shento has seen her home. After a lifetime of being traded from master to master, she vows to keep the High Ruler from an ancient treasure that could enslave the whole world.  Placing her trust in  a human man sworn to eliminate her kind is only the first of many obstacles Ayrindale must overcome before she can truly be free.

Set in the lush fantasy world of the Midlands, Ayrindale and Jenner race to find the mystic Sword of Truth before the High Ruler destroys the world.


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Copyright 2004 Julianne Goodman. All rights reserved. Some of the artwork is taken from the 1877 painting "Cadmus and Harmonia" by Evelyn De Morgan.